Neverwinter’s next module promises ‘giant’ fun


30Hear ye, hear ye: The next Neverwinter module has been declared to be Storm King’s Thunder! While we don’t have a date for the patch’s release, Cryptic did post an outline of the features that players can expect in the update.

The background to the new module is that a multitude of giants are threatening the land, and players will need to move fast to counter the threat. Storm King’s Thunder will include three new adventure zones (Bryn Shander, the Lonelywood, and Cold Run), a five-player dungeon called Fangbreaker Island, and a handful of class balance passes.

“With all of these adventure zones you’ll have new quests, new repeatables, new heroic encounters and new instances,” Cryptic said. “Each of these zones are for higher-level players, and though you can venture out solo, you might want to consider finding a few friends as these frost giants don’t mess around.”

Neverwinter is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 next week.

Source: Neverwinter

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