Warframe game director apologizes for the ‘mess’ created by its last update

Warframe’s Spectres of the Rail update on Friday hasn’t quite gone to plan. Redditors have taken Digital Extremes to task for pushing out a “clusterfuck” that’s riddled with a repetitive, confusing new player system, a broken market, and buggy gameplay that incentivizes weird behavior (as well as apparently causes motion sickness).

And the studio is owning the criticism. Game Director Steve Sinclair responded on Reddit with a strong apology.

“We should have held it back 100%,” he wrote. “Sometimes we have an immovable deadline (almost always a marketing promotion) and it twists up our priorities. It shouldn’t but it does. Our QA is not at fault and did their best given the unreasonable scope and time. Your rant is spot on and the only thing we can do now is make it right. Sorry for the mess. :(”

Source: Reddit. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy!
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