Devilian, Defiance community staffers shuffle as Trion seeks new hires in Austin

From this point it looks so easy.

An anonymous reader tipped us off to possible staffing shifts at Trion Worlds this week, and now Trion’s Garth Chouteau has confirmed to Massively OP that two employees did depart in what is apparently not a mass-layoff as was originally feared:

“We can confirm that two employees left the company last week, and we wish them the best! In unrelated matters, two different employees joined the company last week, and we’re looking forward to their contributions!”

At least one of those gone is Defiance and Devilian Community Manager Sarah “Kiwibird” Walters, who was much beloved by the community. She tweeted a fan that she was no longer working at Trion a few days ago.

We have been unable to independently confirm the identity of the second employee mentioned, and Trion’s privacy policy forbids it from naming names, but our source believes that person was also a prominent member of the Devilian team.

ArcheAge CM Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan says she’ll be helping out with Devilian’s community duties, while Eric “Ocho” Cleaver says Defiance players can expect attention from him and others on the community team:

“We remain strongly committed to Defiance and I’ll be stepping back out from my role in the background of Defiance a bit more. You may see some of our other Community Team members around the place too like Brasse. That is probably more appropriate in another thread, to avoid distracting from this one.”

Garth Chouteau also noted that Trion has hired two new employees unrelated to these departures. Earlier today, Trion tweeted out hiring ads for the company’s Austin studio.

Source: Twitter, Defiance Data. With many thanks to our anonymous tipster and to Trion for its speedy clarification.

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