Trove is headed to console as it celebrates 5M players

Here’s some happy news for this week’s birthday game: Trion is launching voxelbox Trove on PS4 and Xbox One later this year and touting “five million registered players from over 100 countries around the globe” in a brand-new infographic.

“Released for PC one year ago, unleashed on Mac OS X in October 2015, we’re thrilled to bring our beautiful, boxy baby to a console near you! With players from more than 100 countries already exploring our vast fantasy environments, now is the time to introduce a whole new audience to the wonders of Trove.

“Our worlds overflow with thousands of weapons, mounts, costumes, dungeons, and Club Worlds created by Trove’s passionate players. The artistry and imagination shown by our community is second to none and console gamers will soon to get to play in our massive, voxel-y sandbox!”

We’ve got the announcement vid and infographic below!


MassivelyOP’s MJ Guthrie streamed the game last night if you wanna take a look at how it plays a year after its official launch!

Source: Press release, official site. Cheers, Pandalulz.
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