Master x Master introduces Kat the Cat and V-Merang

There once was a lady from... actually, no, not doing this one.

If there’s one thing Master X Master does not lack, it’s characters for players to use. If there’s a second thing it doesn’t lack, it’s women with large chests and exposed thighs, and if there’s a third thing, it’s characters who are cute and fuzzy. The two characters revealed today thus cover all the bases, with Kat the Cat and V-Merang added to the game’s official roster.

Kat is an aggressive character with a defensive bent, able to survive and redirect damage, chase down enemies, and stun targets when needed. V-Merang is a mid-to-long-range character with a unique set of arcing abilities, able to hang back and sow area damage while scattering enemy formations. You can see both characters in action just below.


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