Pantheon’s powers might sound more intense as players level up


Pantheon Creative Director Chris Perkins¬†apparently wears many hats around the office, including that of being the game’s composer. In a new developer diary, Perkins talks about how he’s using music cues to tie thematic areas together and sound cues to deepen the sense of immersion during exploration.

He also teases something interesting called ‘sonic torque:’¬†“The premise is simple — as players level up, they are used to the power (and maybe the visuals) of their abilities getting bigger and better. But the way the abilities sound never changes. In Pantheon, we want to experiment with more powerful abilities having a more formidable sonic imprint. The Frail Healing of a Cleric at level 1 should not sound the same as Relentless Life at level 50!”

Check out a couple of music tracks from Pantheon after the break!

Source: Pantheon

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