Paragon unveils its newest character, Greystone

Heroes die all the time, they just also come back a lot.

Dying, as a general rule, is not an effective combat strategy. You want to avoid dying when fighting people. But Paragon‘s newest character, Greystone, isn’t afraid to die. Not just because he can wade in and take less damage, either; it’s because his ultimate ability turns him to stone and allows him to reincarnate while dealing damage around him. Dying is actually an important part of his strategy.

Once you get that Greystone is kind of all about marching into the jaws of death, his ability to charge into combat and knock enemies around becomes much clearer. After all, you want to wade into the thick of battle and go down swinging, right? Check out a preview of his abilities and gameplay in the video below, and see how he manages to make dying into a worthwhile strategic component. Still probably not something to use as a general rule, though.


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