Pokemon Go designers discuss inspiration and development plans; trading is coming soon


How do you go from making Ingress to making Pokémon Go? We’re using the hypothetical “you” here, if it weren’t clear; you personally can’t make either of them, they already exist. And according to a recent interview with Niantic Labs founder John Hanke, the answer is that you build the latter on the bones of the former. He also draws comparisons to Meridian 59 as an inspiration for the game, noting that the team considers it to be an MMO in all practical terms.

Another interview makes it clear that this is part of the focus for further development, that rather than iterating with new releases the team wants to add in additional content over time. There are also plans to introduce new mechanics, such as trading and sponsored locations for Pokéstops and gyms. All of this adds up to the idea that Pokémon Go has plenty of potential to go places whilst also inspiring the players to go places.

But please, exercise caution and keep your eyes open wherever you go. Be safe out there as the game expands around the world. Don’t break the law. Don’t go where you’re unwelcome. And maybe don’t cheat.


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