RIFT’s Summer Solstice patch is here

Fire up the grill and roast some weenies: RIFT’s 3.7 update has arrived.

Today’s Summer Solstice patch contains quite a lot for players to do and enjoy while smack-dab in the middle of July. The update kicks off RIFT’s annual summer festival, introduces new guild features (such as automatically placing new players in a lowbie guild), and adds 21 more artifact sets to the game. Four souls — Warlord, Berserker, Druid, and Elementalist — have been reworked for 3.7, with the promise of more to come in the future.

One of the most intriguing additions with 3.7 is something called dungeon veterans: “Players that have completed a particular dungeon five times will now become a veteran of that dungeon. This status is not applied retroactively. Veterans running a dungeon while grouped with at least one non-veteran gain a 15% bonus to currency, tokens, reputation, and XP earned from that particular run!”

Source: Patch notes

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