Atlantica Online closing down, will reopen under new management


It’s a sad and somewhat scary day for fans of Atlantica Online: All three of the game’s operators, including Nexonhave announced that they are abandoning the game due to a diminished playerbase. The ray of hope in this situation is that Atlantica’s service will be resumed under the guidance of VALOFE, an online and mobile developer.

“We’ve enjoyed our time with the Atlantica Online community, and all of the memorable experiences we shared,” the studio said. “We’ve done our best to provide you with a robust and enjoyable experience, but unfortunately we’ve been unable to maintain our player base and have seen the community dwindle.”

A detailed timetable for the closure, transfer, and reopening of Atlantica Online has not yet been posted. Players are being told that they will be able to transfer their accounts and characters to VALOFE when the game comes back online.

Source: Atlantica Online. Thanks to Kenny for the tip!

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