Neverwinter targets the Hunter Ranger for a major revamp

Sooner or later, MMO development teams like to clean house with their classes. It’s one of those scary-yet-exciting changes, because such revamps might mean that your class is about to get a lot better — or that it could be broken after a mob savages it with nerf bats.

Neverwinter has targeted the Hunter Ranger for the first of presumably many class revamps coming to the D&D game. Hunter Rangers were chosen because their DPS is noticeably lacking in comparison with other classes, to the point where only one specific build is being used in an attempt to stay viable.

The long and the short of the upcoming revamp is that Hunter Rangers will pump out more damage and simply work better. “There are a ton of other changes — around 100 patch notes for the Hunter Ranger changes alone,” Cryptic posted. “The end goal was to get to a place where all three feat builds — as well as both paragon paths — felt useful.”

Source: Neverwinter

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