Worlds Adrift’s island creator is a hit with its community


While the public can’t play Worlds Adrift right now, anyone who is interested in the game can download and tinker with its island creator. This tool, which is being developed in parallel to the MMO, allows users to fashion their own floating sky archipelagos. According to the studio, the island creator has been a huge hit so far, with the added incentive that some of the best islands will be incorporated into the live game.

“A relatively short 12 weeks ago, we released, and within days, all expectations were exceeded,” the team said. “Within a month we had 1,200 unique user created islands. An incredibly high standard of quality, and it seemed, people were taking their creations really seriously.”

Worlds Adrift will have some proceedurally generated islands at launch in addition to those created by developers and players. The eventual goal, however, is for 100% of the floating real estate to be hand-crafted.

A patch released yesterday for the island creator added even more tools and functionality, such as improved sculpting and new assets.

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