Elder Scrolls Online’s dye system adds a color splash for cash

Elder Scrolls Online’s dye system adds a color splash for cash

You may not care what color your armor is in MMOs as long as you’re not creating a garish scene, but rest assured that there are a lot of players out there who want some say in the hues and tones of their outfits. For those people in Elder Scrolls Online, they now have a new costume dye system with which to experiment.

“Players with active ESO Plus memberships can customize equipped costumes and hats at any Dye Station in the game, using the clothing dyes you’ve unlocked by completing in-game Achievements. Dyed costumes and hats are saved individually for each of your characters, so the same piece can have a different appearance for each of your characters. […] Players without an ESO Plus membership can also dye costumes and hats by purchasing Dye Stamps in the crown store. These one-time-use consumable items were designed by Tamriel’s finest fashion designers, and feature the convenience of aesthetically-pleasing pre-selected color combinations. You’ll find them in the Crown Store’s ‘Dye’ category, starting at 50 Crowns.”

You can get a quick video overview of costume dye possibilities after the jump!

Source: Elder Scrolls Online

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