Pokémon GO becomes the biggest mobile US game of all time


Well, that certainly didn’t take long! In just a week, Pokémon GO has overtaken every mobile game in the United States, becoming the biggest title of all time. The game boasts 21 million active users in the country, is present on 10.8% of all Android smartphones, and is seeing players spend more time in it than on Facebook.

To feed players’ addiction enthusiasm for the game, T-Mobile declared that it is giving all of its customers free data usage for Pokémon GO through August 2017. This free year of data starts next Tuesday, July 19th.

Of course, there are always the rockier aspects of this global gaming phenomenon to consider. Nintendo is scrambling to stop Android users from downloading the game in countries where Pokémon GO hasn’t yet been released. And the real world aspect of the game has caused some scary situations, as two men fell off a cliff while playing (they survived) and another was stabbed while playing in an Anaheim park in the middle of the night.


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