Watch your step: Edengrad adds land mines

Watch your step: Edengrad adds land mines

Flush with success (not to mention cash) from its Kickstarter campaign, the Edengrad team is excited to share what projects it’s been working on recently.

In a new developer diary, the team has word of several changes and improvements for this post-apocalyptic sandboxes, starting with the addition of land mines. Because that’s a priority, people!

“We devote a large amount of time to make settlement wars as entertaining as possible,” the devs said. “We want to make battles strategic, so that a good commander may win even despite of overwhelming number of opponents. That is why we added the first trap — the land mine.”

Along with secret explosive hospitality, the Edengrad team has been working on game optimization, mob pathing AI, better graphics, the addition of audio, and more dynamic quest NPC conversations.

Source: Edengrad. Thanks Kinya for the tip!

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