Path of Exile preps chat improvements for next week

Path of Exile’s chat window is about to become a little more informative, as the team is preparing a few improvements for the system next week. When it arrives, players will be able to see time stamps for conversations and more clearly identify messages sent and received with others.

Speaking of chatter, the developers fielded a whopping 37 questions from the community covering every topic conceivable. Among them, the team addressed why the free-to-play model works so well for Path of Exile.

“The immediate characteristic of free-to-play games is that your players don’t have to make an up-front purchase before they’re able to play,” the team said. “This means that your incentives are completely aligned with providing a fun and compelling experience for players, rather than a fancy store page and set of trailers to compel a purchase before they have played the game.┬áThis has allowed us to focus on creating the game that we want to, while trusting that our community will support it if they want to see more.”