The Daily Grind: What MMO handles active combat the best?

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Action combat is a big thing for newer games. Instead of just sitting, targeting, and spamming abilities, you have to dodge hither and yon, aim your shots, and so forth. Action combat! Some people find this a lot of fun, some find it more of a strain than anything, but it’s definitely something that’s moved through all layers of gameplay.

It’s also less new than it might seem. Even in the old days of Final Fantasy XI, we worried about positioning to avoid certain monster attacks, and certain jobs (like Ranger) needed to very carefully pick a spot to maximize damage. World of Warcraft had asked players to dodge certain things basically forever. And then you have games like The Secret World and Guild Wars 2, games that don’t really have action combat but are clearly aiming in that direction, complete with plentiful telegraphs and dodges.

When you think about it, action combat like what’s found in TERA or Blade & Soul is really just another step up in the active field. So let’s turn the question to you, dear readers. What MMO handles active combat the best? Which one strikes the best balance between activity and comfort for your enjoyment?

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