Chronicles of Elyria gets its new website up and running

But at least you never compromised.

Fun fact: Chronicles of Elyria’s web programmer is also the game’s creative director, producer, and CEO (among other jobs).

Yesterday, Lead Developer Caspian penned a post in which he admitted that he was attempting to fill too many roles in the small team, resulting in a recent delay in getting the website up and running after maintenance. The long and the short of this downtime is that Caspian admits that the team needs to hire on more personnel to take on these jobs.

Players can indeed check out the new version of Chronicles of Elyria’s website, which now includes a guide to the game and ways that backers can track how they’re earning in-game IP through pre-launch activities.

The team is also examining how it will encourage players to create authentic-looking settlements that will match the ones hand-crafted by the studio. “If this is the vision we’re trying to create, if this is what we feel a town should look like, then there needs to be a reason for players to lay barrels around such as exists in our current settlements,” the team posted. “This is the symbiotic process that is currently happening between our art director, environment artists, and designers.”

Source: Kickstarter
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