Lord of the Rings Online lets players collect stable-masters

Can't get there from here.
There’s a lot of ground to cover in Lord of the Rings Online. Players have made their ways across large stretches of Middle-Earth, and that can mean that even just sorting all of the places you’ve been can be a strain by itself. Hence why the developers have made player collections of stable-masters a feature, allowing exploratory players to have a quick guide about all the places that have been discovered and those yet to be found.

The Collection feature will allow players to search by region for particular stable-masters, see connecting routes between discovered masters, and plot out which of the 150-odd stable-masters have been discovered by a given character. There’s also the option of instant travel to undiscovered masters for older content, thus ensuring that players can just quickly pick up any long-forgotten masters on the corner of the map. A recent small patch cleared up a few issues with this feature and other quality-of-life concerns, to boot; all the reason you’d need to build your own collection of places you’ve been.


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