Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan discusses future plans and competitive mode


A new Kotaku interview with Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has shed new light on the state of Overwatch — you know, the game everyone played before Pokemon Go eclipsed the sun.

The interview focuses heavily on the game’s competitive mode, which evolved from a planned pre-made 6v6 matchup to one that allows solo queuing, with rank rewards alotted accordingly, but he also talks future plans. “We’ve talked about tons of basic stuff like getting rid of the coin flip and adding time bank to the payload stuff, but we’re really talking a lot about skill rating and trying to recalibrate how players think about skill rating for season 2 meaning right now,” Kaplan said. “We feel like a lot of the things we did in the UI and the numbers that we chose make players think if skill rating as a leveling system.”

He also rejects the idea that Overwatch is a MOBA and says Blizzard is working on toxicity, leavers, new levels, and new modes. “My dream is that we could do something cool each month that felt not just like a balance patch, but actually felt like a meaningful content or feature delivery each month and somehow the heroes and the maps are kind of cycling as parts of those things in addition to other stuff.”

Source: Kotaku