Skyforge patches in the Battle of Equals on July 20th

It feels far more subtractive than the Battle of Minuses.

If you were planning on playing Skyforge tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. EDT, you have a slightly odd schedule. You also won’t be able to, as the game is going down for maintenance to apply the Battle of Equals patch. And what does the patch contain? Why, that’s what the patch notes reveal! Sure, one of its major features is the eponymous Battle of Equals (a 3v3 arena PvP mode), but there’s more to explore just the same.

Players can trek through the Antean Wasteland for new challenges and rewards, or they can take advantage of the new Reliquary levels and the new Hard modes for adventures. Several PvE encounters have been adjusted, and there are the usual assortment of bug fixes, performance tweaks, and quality-of-life improvements. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s maintenance ends before exploring all of the improvements, but at least you’ll not want for stuff to do afterwards.


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