Test new skills in Wild Terra’s recent update

Oh. All right.

It’s all about the skills inĀ Wild Terra’s recent update, and devs look forward to hearing testers’ comments on the changes. The early-access survival game has new mechanics in place for both mining and creating, as well as a few brand-new skills. Skills also have a colored con system.

Under mining, skinning has been added as a way to obtain hides and lumbering was introduced for producing timber and logs. Skill here affects speed, stamina costs, tool damage, amount gathered, and the chance to obtain rare materials. When it comes to creating, skill affects success, speed, stamina costs, tool damage, and quality. Failure results in damage to the tool and lower quality of the product. The new survival skill allows players to create basic objects and buildings, whereas carpentry allows players to build wooden objects and buildings. Leatherworking lets players manufacture items from hides.

The success rate for skills — and the quality of the item created — will be indicated by a colored con system, much like MMO players are used to with mobs. Red means there is no chance of success; grey means maximum bonuses but no experience. Check out the full details for the red, orange, yellow, green, and grey levels on the official forums.

The update also included a few other tidbits, including adding foxes into the woods, an updated graphics engine, and the addition of the concave angle of log house roof.



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