Durango kicks off its pre-alpha testing July 27th

Sir Veev.

Normally, surviving while playing a game on your smartphone is pretty easy, unless you do something like compulsively wander on to train tracks. Durango is a survival game through and through, though, so you’ll want to be extra careful about surviving in both the game and the real world. You can get some advance practice in that field by signing up for the game’s pre-alpha testing starting on July 27th.

That’s practice surviving in the game, we should note. Being in the tests will not enable you to survive real-life injuries in any way, shape, or form.

The test period will run from July 27th until August 2nd. Would-be players can test on both iOS and Android, whichever mobile device suits you best. Signing up also appears to require opting in to the game’s newsletter, so keep that in mind if you really dislike email newsletters or really can’t get enough of them. Head over to sign up now if it tickles your fancy, and do your best to avoid playing the game around trains. Or actual dinosaurs.


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