Face war as a foot soldier in Foxhole


War games are afoot — or more precisely, on foot — in the aspiring MMO Foxhole.  Unlike other war-themed games that are lobby-based or involve only vehicles, Foxhole features a persistent world and focuses on shaping a large-scale war as a foot soldier. Players will band together to plan strategies to change the tide of war that might take weeks to unfold. And for those who are adverse to cash shops, the founder states, “This won’t be a ‘freemium’ game and we won’t be selling microtransactions.”

If that sounds intriguing, check out the action in the trailer below. Interested players can also already download and play a combat prototype. To support the making of the full game, head to Steam and vote to Greenlight Foxhole, where the title has reached #16 after four days.

Source: Official site; thanks to Cramit for the tip!

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