Global Chat: Pokemon GO mania sweeps the world


What became an overnight global phenomenon certainly prompted the MMO blogosphere to talk about their experiences and opinions with Pokémon GO!

To Game for Life calls it a “juggernaut,” In An Age says it’s a “perfect storm in motion,” while The Ancient Gaming Noob deems it “a moment of change for Nintendo.” Bloggers recalled their adventures, such as traipsing across Nature Island, ending up on marathon walks through hot weather, investigating unknown parks, prowling around after dark, and getting unnerved by proximity to strangers.

For the six of you out there who are Pikachu-free and happy to keep it that way, we’ve got a lovely assortment of non-Pokémon GO MMO articles and discussions for you after the break! Riders of Icarus first impressions

“Overall it is a decent game, pretty too. The classes are — if nothing amazing or new — solid, for the most part. I think my biggest annoyance is that anything besides the priest needs to chug health pots or regen a little bit. There are no specs for classes either, no real variety. But the game is interesting and entertaining.”

Overly Positive: The good old days fallacy of online games

“Because a game marches forward inexorably and these changes are things that have to happen on some level, it’s honestly just better to look towards the future for the game. Making suggestions, asking for things to be improved, and enjoying new content that will be fresh is honestly the better way to go.”

Blessing of Kings: AoE damage is hurting trinity MMOs

“I have a sinking feeling that dungeon gameplay in FFXIV is making the same mistakes that WoW did. There is increasing pressure for the tank to just run and grab everything, and the DPS proceeds to AoE everything down in the name of efficiency.”

Xam Xam Says: My return to Nexus

“Now I know people will ask me this and have already asked me so I’ll address it now. Would I recommend trying WildStar? I’d say if you can get into the lore and story of the game, you’ll have a much better time leveling, otherwise it can get quite grindy. So take that as you will.”

Ravalation: SWTOR and losing companions in MMOs

“When a guildie accidentally implied that the newest KotFE chapter would involve losing a companion, I considered playing through it on an alt I cared about less first, in case I made any wrong decisions. It made me think about how companions impact us and how they even more seem to do so in SWTOR than other BioWare games, to a point I’m delaying logging in, feeling stressed about playing and terrified at ‘doing it wrong!’ Why do the developers make me suffer through this?”

Ravven: Getting started with FFXIV

“I honestly think this is the best MMO out there at this time; it’s certainly the closest game to provide that ‘old MMO feeling’ that many of us are so nostalgic for. You know, that golden time (probably during Vanilla WoW or EQ2) when you first really got into MMOs, when you lived and breathed them and it was glorious. The community is awesome, for the most part, and players are helpful. Instances are the best I’ve ever seen in terms of mechanics, story, and sheer gorgeousness.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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