Final Fantasy XIV bans more than 6,000 accounts for RMT

I am so tired.
Making money in Final Fantasy XIV isn’t necessarily easy. You have to play the free market quite a bit to acquire large amounts of gil, and you can sometimes make mistakes or bad decisions. Or you can make a really bad decision and just buy gil, in which case you can get caught in another wave of bans. Case in point, the game has banned more than 6,000 accounts for RMT advertisement or participation. So if you bought gil, you saved yourself several days farming it, and then you saved yourself from ever playing the game again for any reason.

As always, players who discover or confirm cheats or exploits are asked to report the problem promptly and avoid being associated in any way with RMT or other forms of cheating. This is the latest in a series of bannings targeting players who violate the game’s terms of service, so your best bet is probably to just avoid buying gil altogether. It just doesn’t work out in your favor.


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