Lord of the Rings Online has ‘big’ plans for Mordor

Hold fast to hope, Lord of the Rings Online players, for Turbine has not forgotten about you. Following a revelation that a possible expansion is in the works for Dungeons and Dragons Online, Executive Producer Severlin told the LOTRO community that the team is working on some exciting content for Middle-earth as well.

“I really shouldn’t be posting yet but… we really want the content leading up to the Black Gate to live up to the player’s expectations,” he wrote. “That’s what we are working on now. But the crescendo of what happens to the Ring needs to be fantastic. Once the players have to enter Mordor itself… we feel that we need something ‘big’ to do that justice.”

Another team member chimed in to say that, “I’m excited! That Severlin let this out, that is. We’ve got some serious work of us and we’re pretty darn psyched about it.”

As LOTRO players wait for the full word on these developments, they can participate in the return of the Summer Festival. This event is currently running and will go through August 4th.

Source: Official forums, Summer Festival. Thanks to Bromlaf, Amorey, and Howard for the tip!
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