Final Fantasy XIV kicks off a Yo-kai Watch crossover on July 26th

Oh, kai.
At first glance, Final Fantasy XIV and Yo-kai Watch seem to be two tastes that go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise. But they’re being brought together just the same in an upcoming event starting on July 26th and running through both August and September. Yes, you’ll have two months to take part in the event, and that’s a good thing; the event will offer you 13 minions to collect, 13 weapons to collect, and a mount that you can use to soar around the skies of Eorzea in a Yo-kai Watch-themed ghost.

Players who start the event will be able to pick up Yo-kai Medals from FATEs throughout La Noscea, Thanalan, and the Black Shroud. The medals can be traded in for various Yo-kai minions, and completing FATEs with those minions out will award players with Legendary Medallions which can be spent upon weapons. Players who earn all 13 minions will also be able to pick up the mount, while players who have all 13 weapons will… well, have a lot of Yo-kai weaponry. You’ll have two months to take care of all of it, so fans of the franchise or lovers of event rewards should jump in next Tuesday.


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