Pokemon Go: Fatwas, maps, lawsuits, and Kirby’s call-out


Happy Friday! Please don’t die in 100 degree heat this weekend playing Pokemon Go, OK? We’d miss you.

  • Data from Nielsen’s mobile game tracking tool confirm that the game is exceptionally well-liked but also that’s it’s polarizing: It has higher than average “rejection rates,” with “22% of those surveyed who were aware of the game indicated they had no plans to download it.”
  • Pokevision is another contender for a Pokemon Go map, only it’s better — it relies on Niantic’s API rather than on user submissions.
  • Did you know that Niantic used the user-submitted database of cool Ingress nodes for its original Pokestop population? It’s true, and that’s why everyone is fighting over that bear statue outside a pancake house in Sacramento. Reddit and VG have a great list of some of the more bizarre locations where you can fight for a node or capture a Pokemon.
  • If you’re in Toronto and aren’t opposed to getting into cars with strangers, check out Poke-a-Tours, a service that will drive you around and help you find Pokemon.
  • Don’t try this one at home: Vine personality Logan Paul pranked a huge herd of Pokemon Go players in Central Park by shouting the name of a semi-rare Pokemon. He creates quite a dangerous rush of people. Could have gotten ugly fast.
  • Lifehacker reblogged a fun user-created playlist for Pokemon Go enthusiasts to listen to, possibly while in a car with strangers on a Poke-a-Tour.
  • Finally, MMORPG TERA is getting in on the Pokemon Go action with a new themed event:
The world of TERA has always been home to strange monsters…but some are stranger than others. Introducing “Mongos.” Unlike regular monsters, Mongos can appear in unusual locations and drop special rewards—so it only makes sense to hunt them down, right? From now until 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday, July 31, each Mongo you hunt and capture (a.k.a. viciously slay) provides you with a reward, including enchanting materials and cosmetic items. Uncommon and rare Mongos have a chance to drop a special Noble Timber or Noble Moon wolf mount! Players can catch Mongos throughout the event to cause rarer and more powerful “evolved” versions of them to appear, each carrying better rewards. Kill enough of those, and even more evolved versions will appear, with even better rewards! The Mongo population will continue to grow throughout the course of the event, so keep on capturing to get the best rewards!

Thanks to Nordavind and Kiry for passing along a couple of these tips!

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