Star Wars: The Old Republic devs get cagey on the subject of new ops and classes

Will Star Wars: The Old Republic ever get new operations instead of just more episodic story releases? According to a private Q&A session with developers recently, the answer is… maybe?

“Look, do we know that everyone wants it? Yes,” an unnamed BioWare dev allegedly said. “Do we want to do it? Yes. Are we able to do it? Yes. So why would we not? Look it takes time and it may not be as soon as people want but yes, it would be crazy not to look at more ops.”

The dev’s reason for the cagey answer is that the studio has made it a policy to be more tight-lipped after a missed announcement date for Shadow of Revan riled up the community. Another maybe-possibly-who-knows response was given on the subject of new classes.

“New classes is something we have discussed for a long time. It’s something I think we all would like to do. But yes, adding them to the original story is something that would probably stop that from going forward. We have looked at lots of ways to do it and talked a lot about how we could add new classes,” the dev reportedly said.

Source: Dulfy. Thanks to Sally for the tip!