The Daily Grind: Have you tried any new MMOs this summer?


I always have the loftiest of intentions to dig into MMOs I’ve never played before, going so far as to load a slew of them onto my hard drive for that mythological evening when I get adventurous and explore them. Then, of course, I keep going back to my familiar “comfort” MMOs because learning new games is, like, hard and stuff.

On my list to try at some point is Riders of Icarus, Shroud of the Avatar (later this month), and Skyforge. Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have put on my big boy pants and gone trekking into uncharted territory here.

Have you been more daring than I? Have you tried out an MMO, MOBA, or online multiplayer title this summer that’s new — at least to you? Tell us of your experiences!

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