WRUP: What the deal is with airline food edition

And say it with croissants.

Hello, readers. Let’s get these out of the way. Airline food is prepared in a way that it can be heated swiftly with minimal facilities, thus meaning that it often tastes odd and sub-par, as it can’t be prepared fresh. ATM components are mass-produced, including keypads, hence why drive-through ATMs still have braille for the visually impaired. We drive on the parkway because the term is taken to refer to a variety of limited-access roads but originally referred specifically to roads leading to and through parks.

Driveways, meanwhile, originate from terminology about the way to the drive, explaining that linguistic weirdness. Pineapples are called that because early explorers thought they looked like a cross between pinecones and apples, and were quite upset when their home-grown replicas completely didn’t work. The line at the DMV is always long because the DMV specifically hates you. Your tax dollars might not fund the projects you like, but considering that your money would otherwise have been funneled into needless digital diversions, it’s not like it’s really a loss.

We hope these truths will be in your mind if you ever consider a career in unfunny standup comedy. Please, ask no such questions in the comments of this week’s What Are You Playing; just let us know what you’re playing, as we do just below.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Gonna Pokémon Go till my phone dies since it came out Friday afternoon in Japan. I’ve had kids and even staff asking me about the game (Note: Mid-sentence, I just had a coworker show me his collection haul from his “break”). That, plus I’ll be traveling in Tokyo, so I’ll get maximum exposure. There’s no way I can’t give this thing a good shot, especially when the monster line-up’s about the traditional ‘mon my brother and I played with in middle school. Bro! I’m going blue team again. Get ready for a beating!

…and maybe Hearthstone when the servers fail as I’ve heard they often do.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Hmmm… it’s gonna be another busy weekend, and I’m knee-deep hacking the crap out of my cheapie Fire 7. But Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Stardew Valley are all on my short list!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): There’s an expansion prepatch in World of Warcraft and there’s the Deep Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. That should be more than enough to keep

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I rolled up a new Sniper in Star Wars: The Old Republic to see how many dark side choices I can stand. Apart from that, I’m transmog hunting in World of Warcraft and playing through the entirety of Pillars of Eternity as a musketeer.

Pierre, patron: I put Final Fantasy XI on standby (or rather, I put it on the back burner) to spend some time in Xenoblade Chronicles X on my Wii U. Yes, I know, I’m one of those ripped off Wii U buyers, but at least there’s one very good RPG on this lackluster console. It’s not really an MMO, but it closely resembles one most of the time; there’s lots of farming, exploring, questing, mob grinding, and even online quests if you’re tempted. I don’t know why I started this journey as this RPG has so much content available, since it’s overwhelming diving into it. I know it will be extremely long (tens of hours) if I want to play through the game. But no worries; as long as the road is fun, it’s OK for me. And as always, enjoy your weekend, dear MOP readers. Cheers!

Thatchefdude, patron: I’ll be mainly playing Dark Souls 3 this weekend, but in between rage-induced controller throwing tantrums, I’ll probably hit up some ESO. Also, gonna take my dog to park if the weather is nice.

Your turn!