Leaderboard: Is Black Desert’s new subscription value pack pay-to-win?


Black Desert players are on fire over the new subscription value pack. Well not literally on fire, but damn close.

MOP reader Sally pointed us to threads on the MMORPG and Black Desert Reddit subs, where players are feverishly debating P2W in the game yet again. When we wrote our post on the new packs earlier this week, I thought the sticking point would be the fact that the buy-to-play game was essentially adding a subscription service, but in reality, people are barely batting an eyelash over that. Instead, players have accused Kakao of making the game even more pay-to-win thanks to the sub’s storage bonuses, remote gathering, experience boost, and above all else, dramatically reduced market fees.

Are they right? Let’s break it down in this week’s Leaderboard. You can vote for more than one option.

Does BDO's new de facto sub make the game P2W?

  • Black Desert was already P2W. This is nothing new. (32%, 258 Votes)
  • Black Desert wasn't P2W before, but it sure is now. (16%, 133 Votes)
  • Black Desert wasn't and still isn't P2W, even with the sub. (12%, 98 Votes)
  • Black Desert is no more P2W than anything else anymore. (13%, 104 Votes)
  • I don't care about P2W. (7%, 57 Votes)
  • I don't care about subscriptions vs. B2P. (4%, 29 Votes)
  • You can vote elf butts with the purchase of a monthly recurring fee that we will carefully avoid calling a subscription. (16%, 132 Votes)

Total Voters: 705

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