Ultima Online newsletter addresses Publish 94, special moves, and armor enhancing

Ultima Online

Ultima Online’s latest newsletter is short and sweet: Broadsword Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong confirms that the team is still working on Publish 94, shooting for the end of August, though what’s included now is limited to weapon special tweaks. She also teases the return of the Treasure of Tokuno/Doom event, which will this year take place in Kotl City and no doubt showever everyone who farms it with artifacts.

In the brief Q&A, Mesanna addresses gargoyle special moves, enhanceable armor, the Secret Chest, and the Pen of Wisdom. “We will also be adding the ability to copy the runic atlas using the Pen of Wisdom in Publish 94,” she writes, and that cheer you just heard was from me as I’ve just realized those pens will save me and my ever-growing rune library 48 marks per book.

Source: Newsletter

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