Chronicles of Elyria debates day and season length, delays store


Put yourself in the shoes of a developer and ask: How long should a day/night cycle be? What about the seasons? What if those decisions impacted guild raiding, trade, survival, and farming?

These questions are part of a tangled web of design decisions that the Chronicles of Elyria team is facing at this stage of the game’s development. Currently, the fantasy MMO will feature a 2.5-hour day/night cycle (with dusk and dawn) with some variations during the week. As for seasons, the team settled on four days in a row for each one.

The team spent a long update post also talking about and showing other aspects of the project, including customizable armor (that rusts!), animal animations, and concept art of the city of Haven. Fans were also informed that the web store has been delayed until the site itself is improved and becomes more stable.

Source: Kickstarter
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