Defiance ditches its brand-new auction house


Easy come, easy go: Just two months after Defiance added a game-wide auction house, the title is now removing it entirely.

According to Trion Worlds, the decision was made after the auction house’s wide-scale release caused massive instability and couldn’t be remedied.  “We have tried multiple approaches and have been unable to resolve the core issues surrounding stability, due to underlying technical limitations of the game software,” the studio admitted.

Starting on July 25th, players will no longer be able to put up auctions on the Exchange. the studio said that the auction house is scheduled for permanent demolition “a few weeks after that.”

In its Exchange FAQ, Trion Worlds promised that players will receive compensation for the issues, including a 30-day Patron Pass for players who subscribed in the last two months.

Source: Defiance, FAQ. Thanks to Etaew for the tip!


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