HEX dev blog offers a peek at PvE campaign’s second adventure zone

If you’ve finished up the PvE campaign in HEX: Shards of Fate and await more, the latest dev blog is aimed at you! With the Primal Down set released, the Steam launch out of the way, and the first international invitational finished, the devs are ready to show off a bit of Adventure Zone 2. Soon, players will be able to explore the Great Machine Graveyard, massive mounds of rotten metal that just happens to be home to a pack of Gnolls. Players will face new champions, like Kuul’Dag, who calls forth the likes of Giggling Scavengers and Carrion Raiders into battle. Take a look at the stats on these new cards as well as get a peek at the new map itself on the official site.

In other news, if you pledged to the game’s Kickstarter in either the Raid Leader or Guild Master tier, you’ll be getting a one free weekly draft until the tier bonus for those is implemented in the game client.


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