Pokemon Go: Stock plummet, trolling, design fails, and crossing the Canadian border

Avec les hommes et le Pokey.

Here’s our near-daily smorgasbord of inane Pokemon Go stories. I’m sorry.

  • Two kids from Alberta, Canada, crossed the border into the US state of Montana Thursday night in pursuit of — you guessed it — Pokemon. Border Patrol agents picked them up and returned them to their mom, having determined the kids were unaware they had unintentionally illegally disembarked from their country. Plus, you know it was an accident because they were going south. I can see a lot of people “accidentally” wandering north into Canada this year and “forgetting” to come back if you know what I mean.
  • Last week, Nintendo set the record straight on its finances, saying that its subcorp The Pokemon Company is benefiting most heavily from Pokemon Go, rather than Nintendo itself. Nintendo was rewarded for its honestly with a stock dip of 18%, a loss of $6.7 billion in its biggest single-day fall in 26 years. The good news is that the stock value is still way up over what it was before the launch of the game, and stock analysts say the market overreacted to Nintendo’s statement.
  • A Sydney, Australia, suburb government has petitioned Niantic asking it to remove some of the Pokestops in a local park, which are apparently causing extreme disturbances and expenses in the form of waste removal and rangers for the area. “There have been a number of concerning instances already including an emergency services vehicle having difficulty reaching an apartment fire due to traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and reports of motorcycles using cycle and footpaths to get around traffic congestion,” reads the letter. It’s all fun and games until you’re the one in the ambulance, right?


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