Here’s how the end (and restart) of Shroud of the Avatar will go down


Now that we are on the verge of Shroud of the Avatar turning the switch on for its persistent world state, it is important to nail down the exact details of this process for those looking to get a jump start on the game. So what will happen, exactly?

According to Portalarium, the team will host a 12-hour telethon tomorrow leading up to the wipe at 1:00 a.m. on July 28th. Following that will be a 9.5-hour downtime during which characters and most housing plots will be wiped clean for the final time. The servers are scheduled to come back online at 10:30 a.m. that morning in their new persistent state.

Richard Garriott predicts that there will be a fierce land rush to grab the best housing plots: “Similar to the Oklahoma land rush of the late 19th century, our players will be able to venture out, plop down their house deeds and claim their property in Shroud of the Avatar for good. This will be the beginning of true persistence in the world. Expect the best properties such as great vistas and overlooks, strategic locales and waterfront real estate to go first.”

Shroud of the Avatar claims that it is now “the second-most crowdfunded game ever” with $9.2 million raised.

Source: Press release, telethon schedule

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