RuneFest takes RuneScape players on a tour of the Eastern Isles

Just behind.

When October rolls around, RuneScape players will be heading off into the great unknown in the Eastern Isles. It’s a distant continent full of people who have never heard of player characters, meaning that all of your previous deeds are unknown. You’ll have to start over from the beginning, meaning that veteran adventurers and greenhorns will have the same social standing (none). A small peek is available now in the game, but players who really want to explore the islands ahead of the launch will want to head to this year’s RuneFest.

The convention promises to show off more content for the Eastern Isles, further content for the year to come, and new additions for other titles in the same family such as Chronicle: RuneScape Legends and the upcoming RuneScape: Idle Adventures. It’s taking place on September 17th in London, and the tickets are close to selling out after being on sale for about two weeks. If you’ve planned a trip to London and want to find out more about RuneScape‘s future, you should probably pick up tickets sooner rather than later.

Source: Jagex press release

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