Sunset Rangers gets greenlit on Steam

Floatgun Shothand.

Eager to try your hand at surviving on the hot sands of the West, are you? Then you’ll be happy to know that Sunset Rangers has been voted into Steam Greenlight. That’s one step closer to letting players set up servers, wander into the desert, and then get eaten by a giant worm because they didn’t have big enough guns to shoot the worm. (Some details may have been slightly altered from historical fact.)

For those who missed the game before, Sunset Rangers is a survival sandbox with random maps, random guns, random events, and a whole lot of wasteland to cover as you fend off wildlife and malicious other players. You can also bury your items in a stash to save valuable items, but said stash can also be stolen, so that’s fun. Check out the game’s trailer below, or check the game out on Steam.

Source: Steam page