AdventureQuest 3D works in mounts during its closed beta


“World leaders will meet at a summit to talk about the release of AdventureQuest 3D. By this point, the national Coffee reserves will have run into an all time low causing the stocks for coffee companies to skyrocket, throwing international trade into a frenzy,” Artix Entertainment predicted of yesterday’s downtime and new closed beta patch.

The update was a source of joy for backers, many of whom have received generous new rewards once the server came back up. The big surprise was that the team figured out a work-around to create horse “mounts” after previously stating that the game wasn’t set up to support them.

“While it is not possible to do proper mounts in AQ3D (yet), we had a clever idea… a very clever work-around,” the team said.

The servers are still down for the update at the time of this writing, but we’ve got the patch notes to look over while we wait.

Welcome to patch 0.0.80! We are now officially in Closed Beta! (once the servers are back up!) *cheers*

There are tons of new changes and updates that we are super excited for you all to try. Here’s a brief overview of the things that we have been working on:

Dungeons everywhere!! For those players who love dungeon crawling, we have added many more dungeons spread all over the existing overworld maps. Make sure you explore and find them all! They may or may not prove quite a challenge! We will continue to update and tweak these zones as Closed Beta progresses; we’re looking forward to your feedback! *Please note, we are still in the process of re-itemizing the Treasure Chests which appear in the dungeons, so stay tuned for some new goodies that may be appearing (or reappearing!) in those.

Items and loot!.. and things! As you explore and begin your questing adventure; you may notice that there is something different about how you acquire items now. We’ve been working on a system which will allow players to make their own items using materials that they find while questing and killing monsters. (If you’ve been playing in Umbral Caves then you will be familiar with this system!) We’ve also given players some choices as to what type of items they would like to create; allowing you to tailor your stats to the play style of your choosing!

As a result of this new system; many items which were previously in the game are currently not available (until I can revisit them). Also, players may find that the versions of the items they had have now been replaced with updated versions that must be re-acquired.

We hope you’ll have fun working together to find all the things you’ll need to craft; as well as look forward to any feedback you have about the system! As a side note, Guardian and Kickstarter players will have no problems collecting all the things needed for crafting thanks to the expanded inventory size granted by those upgrades!

Experience / Gold / Stats changes! The level cap has now officially been raised to 15! Ding! With the raising of the level cap, we have also adjusted the amount of experience needed for leveling. Make sure you take advantage of the new dungeons to help you along in your journey!

Along with the experience changes; gold acquisition has been adjusted as well. You will find less gold out in the world now, and most of the gold and drops you find will be used for making items.

Stats in general have been streamlined a bit more – one major change is that monsters will now be closer in strength to the player when at the same level. As always, we will continue to tweak things (everything!) as we move closer to Open Beta.

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