The Daily Grind: Should MMOs churn out new classes on a regular basis?


I continue to be impressed and occasionally bewildered by how Marvel Heroes keeps releasing new classes into the game, sometimes as frequently as every month. Right now we’re up to an amazing 58 playable heroes and villains, with no end to the rollout in sight.

It’s made me think about the viability of constantly¬†churning out new classes for MMOs. It’s not the norm, of course, as most games will only rarely enhance their rosters with a new class, but some titles seem to thrive on it. I can see how it’s beneficial for games that are designed with replayable content and shallower class structures. It’s also a potential goldmine for titles that sell classes or want to keep a population hooked.

Would you want to see your MMO churn out new classes on a regular basis? Should it?

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