Fan-made StarCraft Universe goes into open beta, plans late August release


I don’t think any of us is under the delusion that Blizzard is secretly working on a StarCraft MMO, no matter how insanely awesome that sounds. Fortunately, there’s a fan project that’s been given permission to go ahead with modding StarCraft II to create a massively multiplayer RPG experience. Even better than that, the game has just gone into open beta, which means that anyone who owns a copy of SC2 can get into it right now.

“After five years of development, the long awaited StarCraft Universe MORPG is finally here!” the team said. “Slated for full release in late August, players can jump into the action now in our limited open beta on the StarCraft II Arcade.”

The fan project is running one final Indiegogo campaign before its launch. Check out the StarCraft Universe trailer after the jump and prepare yourself to be impressed with the variety of gameplay on display.

Source: Reddit. Thanks to Pashgan, Nordavind, and Wurst for the tip!

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