Final Fantasy XI plans its August update following a community AMA

Oh no, a MOTH

Since Final Fantasy XI has moved into maintenance mode, it’s been receiving monthly patches to give players more content to play through, adjustments to existing content, and so on. That’s not changing any time soon; in a Reddit AMA, the development team made it clear that updates are currently planned in the current style through March of 2017. Nor is another expansion off the table entirely, as the developers would happily consider another one if the subscriber base was there to justify it.

Not into a behind-the-scenes look at the game? Then maybe you’d rather just pop over and check out what’s actually coming along in the August version update, which includes new Ambuscade content, new Adoulin quests, and more areas for players to ride through on mounts. High-level monsters will also be seeing a reduction in evasion, so players should have an easier time hitting targets with weaponry. The update is planned for next week, so players won’t have to wait long to enjoy all of the benefits of the game’s current patch cycle.

Source: Update information, Reddit; thanks to Ekurisona for the tip!

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