Master X Master highlights Poharan and Kromede

Well, at least she's clearly a child...

There’s more to Master X Master than just bringing in characters from several NCsoft games under the same roof, but that is still part of the game’s purpose. The two latest heroes to be revealed are both expatriates from other games. Poharan is the vice admiral of the Black Ram in Blade & Soul, while Kromede is a boss players face off against in Aion. And now they’re both ranged fighters in MxM‘s various modes.

Poharan serves as a long-range attacker, with several skills to slow enemies or otherwise keep her distance; her attacks lose their potency against close-range opponents. Kromede, meanwhile, is focused more on the mid-range with high damage. Her bow attacks will inflict bleeding on enemies that are slowed, stunned, or otherwise snared, while other abilities in her arsenal deal more damage to bleeding targets. Check out both of the characters in action just below.

Source: Poharan, Kromede

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