Pokemon Go: Drones, Tesla autopilot, finding Ditto, and dirty cheaters

Pokemon gone?

Hands at 9 and 3, Poke trainers, and no cheating!

  • If you’re too lazy to actually go play Pokemon Go but don’t want to outright cheat to do it, try the method PewDiePie¬†unintentionally lifted from Reddit: Physically attach your smartphone to a drone and pilot it around from your desk. Does his phone survive the ordeal? Check out the video below to see for yourself.
  • In other “this was a terrible idea” news, a Tesla owner apparently recorded himself playing Pokemon Go while his car was on autopilot. The video’s gone now, and yes, autopilot is cool, but autopilot is not really autopilot yet, folks. You can’t just clock out. It’s not designed to do all the work for you, as recent crashes have proven.
  • The first person to hit the level 40 cap in Pokemon Go has revealed that in fact he used to a bot to do it, not for the achievement but just to see if it could be done. According to the post on Reddit, the perpetrator won’t be revealing how exactly to copy his path, didn’t fight in gyms, and plans to delete the account. “I dont want to take anyone the fun of this game. I find it disrespectful and disgusting to profiling with that,” he wrote. Honor among hackers and all that.
  • Pokemon Go cheating is apparently getting a bit out of hand. VG247 profiles several new cheating programs that spoof GPS. As Massively OP reader Nordavind has pointed out, Niantic this year began severely punishing GPS-spoofing cheaters in its other ARG, Ingress, after years of the cheating devastating the game. One presumes Niantic will take the same stance with Pokemon Go cheaters of the same stripe, so don’t press your luck, and please don’t hand over your cash for these apps.

  • Ditto has become the Jedi unlock quest of Pokemon Go as no one’s figured out how to spawn him, which of course means people are busily generating wild theories and testing them.
  • Destructoid has a piece out for you music nostalgia fans on Jason Paige, the original voice behind the Pokemon theme. He headed back into the studio during SDCC to record it again for old times’ sake.


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