Riders of Icarus gets first major update, Blight of the Frost Keep


Is Riders of Icarus still in open beta, or has it launched? Does it really matter? Not when you get a nice new update full of goodies to enjoy! The fantasy MMO’s first big addition to the game is live now. Called Blight of Frost Keep, this update introduces an all-new frigid zone Parna’s Coast (complete with new dangers to face), new mounts to tame (that help traverse said fristy landscape), and new dungeons to conquer (for adventurers level 28 and above). And for those already hanging out at max level, there’s a new level cap to aim for: 35. Players will also find a new guild alliance feature that is just one step in the direction of large-scale PvP war events in the future. 

If you’re stuck at work or what have you and can’t hop into the free-to-play game to check out these changes right now, you can peruse the screenshots and view the trailer below to get a little taste of what awaits. You can also dive into the official patch notes for more details.

Source: Nexon press release, Blight of Frost Keep patch notes
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