Shroud of the Avatar raised over $130,000 last night; the not-a-launch launches today


Shroud of the Avatar’s telethon yesterday raised over $130,000, Portalarium‘s Richard Garriott told twitter today. “Best single day ever,” he wrote. “Thank you VERY much for your support. We greatly appreciate it. We will invest it as wisely as we can in your world.”

Don’t call it a launch, but the launch is basically happening. The final wipe for the test phase was performed last night and the land “rush” kicked off, but it’s going to be a drawn-out, multi-week land claim process as different tiers of backer are unlocked and new rounds of players have access. If you pledged $25 on day one forever ago like I did, you’re gonna be waiting at least month for all of the rich folks to plant their roots first, so unless you’ve got a $10,000 home awaiting you, there’s no need to panic.

Source: Twitter

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