Hearthstone’s new adventure is called One Night in Karazhan

The monolith.

Early this morning, Blizzard formally announced Hearthstone’s next adventure: One Night in Karazhan. Yep, tuggin’ on the ol’ WoW nostalgia heartstrings! If you’re a fan of Hearthstone’s cheesier DLC, you’re going to dig this one too.

“Karazhan, long a potent nexus of arcane energies, is about to become the focal point of a very different kind of cosmic force. The wizard Medivh has used every bit of magic at his disposal to set up the most lavish and extravagant party of all time, and your name is on the guest list alongside the crème de la crème of Azeroth and beyond! With such an eclectic mix of attendees, it’s guaranteed that this party will be out of this world. But as you groove to the music and let the sights dazzle you, beware; one night in Karazhan, and even tough guys tumble. Keep your decks straight, your wits sharp, and above all, stay alive!”

As usual, expect new cards, new legendary cards, a new game board, portal spell cards, and class challenges unlocking through the event. The intro mission unlocks August 11th and will progress through as-yet-unrevealed Parlor, Opera, Menagerie, and Spire missions after that. Best get to unlocking all those characters!

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